Monday, June 4, 2012

I've been hiding...

behind my sewing machines! Between creating custom patio cushions and creating for my boutique on Gabry Road, it seems I haven't surfaced much. All good though :)

 The utility/work aprons were created after receiving a request from a new customer who had seen utility type aprons elsewhere but wanted to purchase Canadian! She is purchasing the aprons for end of year teacher gifts! Of course I was excited, not so much because she asked me to create the aprons but that she had discovered Gabry Road! I sent her images of the aprons I had created and she let her boys choose the aprons for their teachers. I had so much fun working on these that I decided to create more but going to try some as a full apron instead of a half apron. Will let you know how that turns out.

Oh and I wanted to share my most favorite iPad app.

 The app is called Paper .You can use tools and different types pens and colors to draw, sketch and write. So instead of having to verbally describe and idea or design, you can draw it and send it via email. I played around with it, creating potential changes to the Gabry Road site and sent the drawing to the fabulous webdude. Far easier than trying to describe the changes or ideas verbally. Ingenious! 

Thanks for stoppin' by and hoping it's sunny wherever you are!


  1. cool aprons Rosa!but I still prefer mine :)

  2. Love the aprons, especially the apple one!

  3. Your aprons are fabulous Rosa!I lahooove that number fabric!



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