Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Rewind 2011' Album

 Ok, so it may have taken about a month to complete but it's done!

 For those who have seen my Washi Tape/Paper Tape collection...see!!!...I do use it! and not just collect :)

 I was so intent on completing this album so I could move onto other projects that Easter came and went without any decorating or special treats for the kids and their classmates.
 So intent on finishing the album I completely forgot to get the beautiful Pottery Barn Easter Baskets out of storage so the kids ended up using milk bags to store their stash of chocolate eggs and Easter treats. I felt awful about it but the kids didn't seem to notice the difference at all! Just goes to show that most times I make an effort to 'get something really cool' and the kids only care about the end result and not what it looks like getting there :)
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. Love your album Rosa, and yes, I would have to say your kiddos look pretty content regardless of the milk bags! ;)

  2. love that you kept the chipboard bare,like a kraft paper's beautiful!As for taking a would still be making mine years into the future,lol.

  3. I always admire any project that you do!!! I like how each page flows into the other, and yes, I too enjoy that you kept alot of kraft bare.

  4. Gorgeous work Rosa, Love that you do this yearly. This is such a precious memory album.
    Keep smiling and creating



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