Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Sale!

Still looking for  great and sweet Valentine's Day gifts? The Flourishy boutique has all Valentine goodies on sale!
 Fill these sweet 'Adore' muslin gift bags with yummy chocolates or some 'sweet nothing' gifts.
 Fill the accordian album with photos of loved ones, sweet notes and so much more!
 Write a sweet love letter to your favorite Valentine. Lots of handmade, string-tie envelopes available just in case you have more than one sweet Valentine!
 Create ornaments, magnets, or a Valentine gift using the Maya Road 'Heart' Vintage Tins.
You can find these items here and so many more wonderful Valentine gifts here. Please do visit Gabry Road and see for yourself all the wonderful handmade goodness!
Thanks for stoppin' by!

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