Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A gift for the 'desk'

 With all the justified hype regarding the need to be able to see what your children are viewing on the computer, we needed to move some furniture around to accommodate the viewing of the computer screen. The desk was used as my sewing desk for many, many years. It's old, real old. So old it has dove-tailed joints and square nail heads. Fortunately time has been real good to this desk as there isn't any wood warping as of yet. The desk was moved upstairs and the bookcase which previously occupied this wall was moved to my studio. Once the desk was in place, the gap between the top of the desk and the decorative wire frames was too big for my liking plus there was damage on the wall the bookcase had hid. The damage was nothing you would have noticed but I could see it crystal clear and of course, that was all I could see. Figured I needed to add 'something' to bridge the gap. I saw this hutch via Pottery Barn and immediately believed it would do the trick so I asked my handy furniture builder and dear friend to create one for me...and he did!
 The above image is the Pottery Barn version...the following are ours!
 I found an old, wooden measuring tape in my stash of vintage finds and we nailed it to the edge of the top shelf.
PS the basket hiding in the left corner houses the cords and power bar. Numerous cords drive me batty so I keep them in the basket. Waiting for the day when every electronic is completely wireless!
 I don't hoard at all these days (unless you count the stuff in my studio :) but for nostalgic purposes I had kept one of my first woodworking projects created while in high school. The wooden book holder has been in storage for decades but has now made an appearance on the new hutch.

 We can now see what the kidlets are 'googling' from the kitchen or while passing through the rooms.
 And yes, I have a white, picket gate dividing the family room from the kitchen. A little unusual perhaps but it was created when the kids were wee ones and we had a latch securing the gate. This family room used to be the kids playroom so if we were busy in the kitchen, etc. we could lock the gate and the kids would stay put.  Once the kids were older, we removed the lock but I could never remove the gate. It's the closest I think I will come to having a white, picket fence!
I have no idea why I chose to create choas just days before Christmas. Over the weekend, we also re-painted the entire kitchen, including the beadboard backsplash which you see a hint of in the photos. The backsplash was a very pale sage green and is now 'Italian Blue' even though the kids walked into the kitchen and asked why I painted the backsplash 'green'!!! It's blue, honestly, it's blue!

Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. LOL at creating chaos before Christmas!! Great job once again. Love the new desk!

  2. Your home is so full of TREASURES :)

  3. Everything looks so great Rosa, and I lahoove the idea of nailing the measuring tape to the shelf!



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