Sunday, October 16, 2011

My baby girl is TEN years old!

 Ten sweet years ago my baby girl was born and what an awesome ten years it has been!
We had little to no idea of what to give her for her birthday gift but she had hinted that she wasn't into 'pinks and purples' anymore and wished she could re-do her room. Her wish was granted :)
 From the time we moved into this house, her room was pink and purple. I had thought the colors would last until she turned twelve but realized she had out-grown the 'little girl' room sooner than I had hoped. With the addition of the mudroom taking place, I almost hesitated to transform another room but being that Rylee is my little princess, regardless if the term is too young for her, we decided to redo her room as a birthday present. This is what her room looked like up until this morning.
 And the following images are what her room looks like now. She is very happy with the colors, the new bedding and window coverings so I guess we did okay in terms of birthday presents!

 I did not make the duvet cover but used the colors in the duvet throughout the room. I initially intended to put about 3 layers of ruffles on the drapes but time won the battle again and well, I can always add two more layers another time.

Happy birthday Rylee! We love you to the moon and back, always and forever!


  1. A beautiful room for one VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! And Rylee not just on the outside, you my dear are so very beautiful inside too! The girls and I miss you :) Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy First Decade Rylee! Great room. I'm sure you will enjoy adding your own creative spin to it over time. Love the colours.

  3. Rosa, what a fantastic job! And just so I understand this, "This is what her room looked like up until this morning." you painted it this morning?? I bow to you, then.

  4. Happy birthday Rylee!! :)
    Rosa, you did an awesome job my dear! The. Colours are beautiful and the whole room looks amazing! Great job!

  5. Beautiful!!! Is that the Amy Butler bedding?? I have been eyeing that for my guest room!! lol



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