Thursday, October 13, 2011

More treasures from The Milkhouse

 I could not pass this up! Not only is the typewriter old and I so love the keys but it's purple! I saw this typewriter at my last visit to The Milkhouse and was planning on taking it that same day but one thing led to another and I ended up going home without it. Throughout that week, I kept thinking about the typewriter and let Jennifer, the wonder behind The Milkhouse,  know I wanted it!  Until I saw it again, I had intention of painting the typewriter (other than the keys) white but when I saw how unique the color really is, I passed on that idea, at least for now.

 Also acquired a vintage test tube holder and some vintage flower frogs/holders.

When I look around my living room and home,  I see so many vintage treasures from The Milkhouse. Kind of sad that I won't be able to visit Jennifer at The Milkhouse next season.  The Milkhouse is one of those places you always found awesome treasures, there was never a visit where I did not find more to love and Jennifer herself made the visits so much fun. Thinking Jennifer should maybe consider a moving The Milkhouse into a mobile trailer and then she could visit us and her favorite fans anytime! In the meantime, while Jennifer is considering The Mobile Milkhouse idea (wow...I've already named her new business :) you can find Jennifer's treasures on Gabry Road in her Vintage Serendipity Boutique!

Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. I am thrilled you are happy with the typewriter and that it has found a good home, along with the other goodies you have found at the Milkhouse. It is indeed sad that it must come to and end just when it was gaining some nice momentum and a lovely list of faithful and enthusiastic customers. Thank you for Gabry Road and a place for Canadians to share their creative goodness

  2. I agree Rosa, Jennifer always has such interesting finds, she has such a great eye for unique and beautiful things. I love your purple typewriter. So glad Jennifer will have a place to show and sell her precious items.

  3. Oh I saw that typewriter last time I was there too and have been thinking about it. Lucky you for getting it:)

  4. That is sooo cool about the typewriter. I have been searching for one too! I'm thinking it's time for me to do a road trip to see the Milkhouse very soon!



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