Sunday, October 9, 2011

More apron love....

More fabulous ladies are now the owners of the canvas wrap apron! Brenda (pictured below) had initially requested the wrap apron with the ruffle at the bottom. While creating Brenda's apron, I decided to see what an apron would look like without the ruffle along the bottom but just adding a little ruffle under a pocket. Well, when Brenda visited to pick up her 'requested' apron, she decided she preferred the 'non-ruffled' apron, which I agreed, looked fabulous on her.

 Miss Sharon preferred the ruffled bottom apron and doesn't she look ever so sweet in it!. I never took Miss Sharon to be an 'apron-kind-of-gal' but I think she either saw mine so much she thought it was a fashion trend :) or she realized how practical the wrap apron is. Either way, she can glimmer mist, gesso, ink and paint away without ruining her clothes!

Two more canvas wrap aprons have gone out to Peterbourough, Ontario and Prescott, Ontario! Woot! Now the goal is to make some more to add to my Gabry Road boutique.

Just a little reminder, Gabry Road is giving away a free membership in October.
Simply 'Sign Up To Sell' during the month of October and you could win your membership fee! If you know any Canadian crafters, artists or designers, don't forget to let them know about Gabry Road! We'd love to feature your friends handmade creations and more!

Thanks for stoppin' by and hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I'm really looking forward to getting mine soon! They look wonderful. Good luck keeping these in the shoppe. I think they WILL become a fashion trend!



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