Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween tags and pottery

 Nope...was not able to finish (or start) even 1/4 of the projects I had planned for Halloween this year! Between the renos, birthday parties, hockey, hockey auction details, and hockey (did I mention hockey :), I only managed to create some very simple tags. Bath and Body Works had the pumpkin soap dispensers on sale so I took a few home with me and attached tags...easy peasy and a cute little Halloween gifts.

 The kids were a bit more creative. They created these pottery pieces in their pottery classes. True keepsakes for sure!
 Rylee created the witch with three eyes and a wart on the tongue. Have no idea what she was thinking this day when she made this :)
 Gabe created the above pumpkin and Rylee created the following. Again, she must have been having a bad day :)
So thanks to the kids, we managed to get a few Halloween decorations. Just a wee bit sad we have tons of bins filled with Halloween goodness which wont make an appearance this year. I guess more to treasure next year...if I start decorating in September!!!

Hope you all have a very safe and fun Halloween!


  1. Just love them all!!

  2. This is pretty awesome Rosa, considering everything you've had on your plate this Fall!! You guys did great!



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