Monday, October 24, 2011

The anatomy of an apron

 When I first designed this apron, I only had my own needs/wants in mind. I needed to protect my clothes from all elements cause I still have the childish/lazy tendency to just wipe my hands on my clothes. I also had other fussy rrequirements for what an apron should do. As of late, this apron has become quite popular. To date, twenty of these aprons are being worn (or displayed) in various cities in Canada! And this is simply because not only are these aprons quite cute and shabby, but the apron serves many other purposes which other apron fans have discovered.
1. Large deep pockets:  not only hold your cell phone but they are also deep and wide enough to hold your home phone as well.
 2. Crocheted flowers: purely decorative
3. Fabric fasteners: again, purely decorative
4. Side tie: the tie does not get in your way when you are creating or cooking up a storm
5. Wrap style: to get the best coverage over your clothes
6. Canvas fabric: durable and thick enough to prevent elements from seeping through to your clothes but light enough that you do not feel weighed down.
7. Exposed and reinforced seams: so that the apron will always look the same, even after its been well loved for years :)

8. Rear pocket: a place to keep sharper objects such as scissors so when you sit down, you don't get jabbed in the gut.

9. I am not a huge fan of 'things' bugging my neck so I place the bar on the outside of the neck instead of the inside.
So there you have it. You now know why this apron style is so popular. I have added two more to my Gabry Road 'Flourishy' boutique:  Miss Merry and Miss Festive.
Hope to see you on Gabry Road!

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  1. And that is why WE ALL LOVE THIS APRON!!! Fab Work Rosa!! I am honoured to have one.



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