Friday, September 2, 2011

Our trip to the flea market

The La Chute Flea Market is open on Tuesdays from the May long weekend to I believe the Thanksgiving weekend. Until this year, I had made at least one or two trips out by June but for whatever reason, I had not yet visited the flea market this year. On Monday, I asked the kidlets if they were interested in a day trip and both agreed it would be fun. So Tuesday morning, before the sun was up, we were on our way to La Chute!  Even though La Chute is only about an hour and a half drive, as flea marketers well know, you have to be there early or not bother at all.
 It took a while to pry the kids away from the animals and pets for sale. Each picked out a puppy they wanted to take home with them. Rylee named this little pup 'Bisquit' and was pretty upset when she was advised by 'mean ol' mom' we wouldn't be taking Bisquit home with us.

 Once I was able to pry the kids away from the livestock, we ventured round the tables of 'junk'. And yes, it appeared at this time of the year, nearing the end of the Flea Market season, there were not a lot of treasures available. I think in my mind, I thought the vendors sought 'junk' during the week, from Tuesday to Tuesday, but perhaps the vendors stock up during the off season and then sell every Tuesday until their goods run out as there weren't half as many vendors as usual. The fields were near empty and the crowd was very thin.

 I found a few 'good finds' though. I loved the color of this vintage suitcase and surprisingly, there isn't a rip or stain inside.

 And a few other treasures. A very small cheese crate, a Brownie camera, old sugar sack, old clock and a flower frog in the perfect shade of patina.

We made a few stops to some other antique dealers/shops on the way back but again, nothing really exciting to be found or perhaps, because I am clear out of space of where to store 'junk', maybe I just didn't need anything more :) Either way, it was a great day, the rain held off until we on our way back and Rylee made a new friend named Bisquit.
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. I love that your kids have fun doing stuff like this with you, how you turn things into an adventure :)

  2. I have fond memories of heading out to La Chute market years ago. We would leave home at 4:30 AM and drive as the sun came up. It was always a thrill to see what treasures you could unearth. You ought to checkout Finnegans in Hudson PQ. It's another great place to visit. I think they are open until the end of October.

    Happy hunting!



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