Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little glass bottles...

A while back, I wrote a post about 'Collecting' and on the world wide web, I advised I didn't collect anything. Well, until I placed all the little glass bottles on one shelf, I really didn't know how many I had actually collected over the years. I had the bottles scattered in various places around the house but decided to place them together, on one shelf, and wow do I love them even more. I love the aqua color, I love the size, I love thinking about what they were once used for and how they were once a standard, everyday, household item. Not sure what it is about the color aqua, teal and patina but they are my absolute favorite colors and I find it is now my 'go-to' color for any piece of wood furniture which needs painting. Yet, I must remember to add my other favorites (red, coral, yellow, cream) or the inside of my house will start to look like a swimming pool :)
Thanks for stoppin' by and hope you have a great day!


  1. With just three of anything, you have a collection. Love the bottles grouped together. Great impact. Want more?

  2. I love them all displayed together like that :)

  3. Lovely collection, Very pretty display too.
    I remember reading that post and thinking....she has one some where??? LOL
    I was however thinking millinery goods...just sayin...

  4. Cute collection. Just got back from up north and stopped at a few antique places that had many blue & other coloured bottles. They did intrigue me but hubby saw them as dust catchers.. now I want some lol I did however pick up a few crock pots with lids, tin cans, old lanterns, and wooden box. Gotta love old things and especially wonder who and why they were used.



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