Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hanging Scale

Vintage hanging scale
 A few weeks ago, my dear friend Jennifer sent me a message asking if I had a 7 Gypsies Receipt Tray hanging around. Of course I did, I mean what of 7 Gypsies don't I have kicking around here :) So I sent off the tray to Jennifer, anticipating how she would alter it as I knew I would never get to 'altering' for a very long time so it would be nice to see how Jennifer, as clever as she is, would transform the tray.  I sent the receipt tray as a gift. I was simply honored Jennifer thought of me and my petit collection of creating goodness (she has not visited my studio yet :) and wanted not a red penny for it. Well, of course, I learned quickly Jennifer is not used to being on the receiving end of gifts as she is so used to showering everyone with gifts and then some with gifts.  Well it wasn't too long befor I received this amazing, hanging scale from Jennifer!!!

The ironic part of this sweet story is that I had reserved that corner of my kitchen for a hanging scale but simply had not found one yet so it was very touching that Jennifer should send me a gift which I had been seeking for the past 5 years. Thank you Miss Jennifer and as you can, the scale is absolutely perfect! Now, I can't wait to see how Jennifer uses her magic and talent on the receipt tray:
Make sure to visit Jennifer's blog often so you don't miss out! And if you didn't know, Jennifer also has a boutique on Gabry Road called Vintage Serendipity. Stop by and stop by often so you won't miss out on the fabulous handmade and creative goodness Jennifer has to offer.


  1. How sweet of you both.
    Rosa, are you joining the Where Bloggers Create event. I know many people would love to see where you create?
    Your work is always so tidy and gorgeous.
    and the few peeks I have seen of your space, it is lovely!!

  2. I love the receipt tray and have definite plans for it. I am thrilled that you like the scale and am pleased you have hung it up already. I would love to visit your studio some day!



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