Friday, May 6, 2011

Twelve years strong!

 Not only am I fortunate to celebrate Mommy's Day this weekend but we also get to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. I know it's a well used cliche but time sure does fly.
 As you can see, we did have a formal wedding but nothing like the fancy-dancy weddings most couples have. Our was very low budget to the point we didn't even hire a photographer. Instead, I put 3 rolls of 35mm film (remember those :) in a cute little organza bag with a note 'Thank you for sharing our special day with us. Please use this film to take pictures and at the end of the evening, please deposit the film in the basket'.  I gave a bag to everyone I saw that held a camera! So as a bonus to being at our wedding, many of the guests were the wedding photographers as well! We didn't use any fancy decorations or 'extras' but we all had a great time with great food, refreshments and dancing. I knew even then that at the end of the day, regardless of how our wedding appeared, we would be married and beginning our amazing journey.

 And a great journey is has been thus far. In the last 12 years we created our children, owned two homes, completely reno'd one home,  lived in three provinces and it's all still amazing and wonderful!
 This is a replica I made of my wedding dress, using the same the fabric as my actual dress. I wasn't nostalgic enough to keep my 'real' dress stored or anything like that. The kids have used it for years to play dress up and I don't mind a bit, even with all the jelly and marker stains which decorate the dress now :)

After rummuging storage boxes for these photos to scan, I realized I have never created any layouts or albums with my wedding pics and given that I had hundreds of pics taken I have no reason not to create one. Hopefully, one day soon, I can share an album with you.
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. oh Rosa the dress is stunning..... both the original and the replica. Happy anniversary my friend!!!

  2. Love the pictures!! Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day Dear Rosa!!! xo

  3. Ahhhh! Happy Mother's Day Rosa and Happy Anniversary! What gorgeous photographs!! Your dress is absolutely stunning! I love the one of you coming out of the church! Enjoy your day sweetie!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! And many many more!! xoxo

  5. What fabulous memories. Our pics were taken by a truck driver who took up photography as something to do while a recovering alcoholic. Low budget just means more creative. Happy anniversary. Looking forward to what you do with your wedding pics.



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