Monday, May 23, 2011

A cherished gift...

 I am not an avid Tweeter and only seem to tweet in fits and spurts. To date, I have focused my tweets on Gabry Road and featuring the boutiques on Gabry Road.  While I haven't yet decided or learned how to best use the Twitter tool,  I did discover there are a lot of incredibly talented artists living within kilometers of my home. So via Twitter and in virtual space, I met Sheila and Wendy and last week, we met in 'real life'. Sheila is a Pencil Artist and Wendy is an altered art artist. And if it wasn't a joy in inself to meet these amazing ladies, Sheila created a card for me! She knows I like, okay love, to sew and thought this one would be perfect...and it is!

 I knew I would never use the beautiful card for it's intended purpose so I framed the work of art instead and now have the framed artwork adorning my sewing room.
Thank you Sheila and Wendy! Til' we meet again :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, she is TALENTED that card is amazing :)



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