Monday, April 11, 2011

Slipcovers for Sonia

I first met Sonia sometime last summer and sometime around then, after seeing me wear my 'side pocket' apron, she asked that I make her one also. I made her the exact same apron but of course, Sonia has an 'S' instead of an 'R' :)

 So Sonia's husband is making her a scrapbook room and she wanted the theme of the room to co-ordinate with the shabby-ness of the apron. I believe the entire room is painted white, even the floor. She brought over some chairs she found at garage sales and asked that I create slipcovers for them. She did not give me any direction or particular style she preferred. She just told me she likes color and my style. Perfect! and Voila..this is what I created for her:

I added a center pleat and the tie is actually functional as it brings the 'wings' of the chair to the back and will keep the cover from sliding around.

The chair is a regular, non-descript dining room chair. I used a natural linen for the base and added the ruffles and trims in cotton. Wasn't too sure how the different textures were going to work together but now, I love the combination. The weight of the ruffles is heavier than the fabric but the tie at the back keeps the chair cover in place so it all worked out great.  Sorry forgot to take the before picture! I made the little accent cushion to add a bit more color but really, the chair looks awesome without the cushion. Hoping she will like the covers but if not, don't they kind of go well in my place :)
Thanks for stopping by and hoping it's sunny wherever you are!


  1. you are so freaking talented. why are we not living in ottawa now?

  2. WOW, these are wonderful Rosa. Lucky Sonja to have a room of her own and you as her personal decorator.



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