Sunday, April 3, 2011

Explaining the 'need' to have scrappy goodness

So if you're a scrapbooker, cardmaker or general crafter, you have 'stuff'.  If you onced owned an online scrapbooking store, you have a lot of 'stuff' :).  For whatever reason, even after almost a year of the store being closed, I still have a ton of scrappy goodness and appear to be accumulating more and more. Although my dear husband is extremely supportive and doesn't really question the vast amount of 'stuff', every once in a while (like if he happens to be home when more goodness enters the house) he pipes up about my need to continually add to the 'stuff' collection. As you know, it's sometimes difficult to explain to a non-crafter why you need more glitter, paper, tools when you already have some. Well, I believe my son's school project has now resolved the question of why we need to have so much 'stuff'.
Gabe's school project involves creating a rain and wind proof house for little Miss Mouse. At school the children will test the house for water leakage and if it is damaged by wind. So off to the studio to create a 'weather' proof house for little Miss Mouse.

We started out with the instructions, a juice container and an old cutting mat.

 Gabe used 'gesso' to coat the cutting mat and the juice container.
 We were worried Miss Mouse would get wet standing in the doorway so we added a little awning from the leftover bits of the juice container.
 We used 'bazzill clear plastic' to create the windows.
 Of course, the Tim Holtz 'brick embossing folder' was perfect for embossing the 'cardstock' walkway. Gabe then used the 'Tim Holtz Distress Ink' to add dimension to the bricks.
 Using the Martha Stewart 'fringe scissors' to create grass worked perfectly and well, Gabe thought the scissors were pretty cool.
 We used 'stickles glitter glue' to outline the walkway.
 I really wanted to use little wood squares to create a tiled look to the roof but Gabe thought the 'Jenni Bowlin butterfly stickers' were perfect. (I think by this time, Gabe was gettin' pretty tired of the project and figured out adding shingles to the roof would take more time :)
 I had suggested creating a banner using the 'Maya Road banner chipboard' or the 'Jenni Bowlin banner chipboard pieces' but Gabe settled for a 'My Mind's Eye sticker' which kindof looks like a banner.
 We even used the 'Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher' to fasten the ears on Miss Mouse.

So there you have it dear husband....we do need all this 'stuff'. Just think, what would we have done to create Gabe's project if we didn't have all this 'stuff'. The only item we had to go out of the house for was the juice container because we don't drink juice so I asked my dear neighbor to save me a container. I am hoping dear husband will remember this event for a while, at least until the next project rolls around. And dear teacher friends, see...I personally didn't do much on this project...Gabe really did most of it all :)
Hoping it's sunny wherever you are!


  1. Congratulations Gabe on making a wonderful house for Miss Mouse!

  2. Great mouse dwelling! Yup, there is always a use for it and if you don't need it, there will be someone else knocking and asking, because they KNOW you will have what they are looking for. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. I like 'stuff' too! Fantastic choices for the house! Loved every bit of it. You will have to let us know how the teacher graded his project.


  4. such a sweet project!!
    i DO understand the need for all that stuff too.... :) hehhehe husbands tend to not understand crafty wives! :) I have one too!



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