Sunday, April 17, 2011

A 1/2 Birthday Party!

If you are wondering what a 1/2 birthday party is all about, well, it's when you have a silly mommy and wants to host a party when their child reaches the halfway mark from their birthday. So Rylee turned 9.5 years old yesterday and we threw a little party to celebrate. Both my kidlets have birthdays in the fall so it was a great excuse to host a 'springy' birthday party. The Crate Paper 'Emma's Shoppe' collection finalized my decision to host a 1/2 birthday party because I really wanted an excuse to play with this collection.

We made gate-fold invitations and co-ordinating envelopes.

 We wanted to make sure the parents of the guests did not think to bring gifts. This party was just for fun and an opportunity to get the girls together for a fun night.

 I am still so enchanted with seam binding. This is one of the seam binding rolls I picked up at The Milkhouse a few weeks ago. Thanks Jennifer!

 I made the envies using a Big Shot Pro die and because I thought the recipient could re-use the envie, I made a wrap to hold the envelope closed. So the wrap can be removed and the envie can be re-used.
 Using another die, we made treat bag toppers. I couldn't decide which I liked best so I made a few variations.

 And of course, cupcake toppers!
 I didn't count but must have cut at least 100 banners but was oh so happy with how the room looked with the banners stung about.  Also made a bunch of tissue paper poms poms. Would I do that again? Never! Thank goodness dear Miss Lorrie helped out as I found it easier to pluck out my grey hair than to seperate the delicate and 'rips so easy' layers of tissue paper :)

 We found Easter crackers at the grocery store and thought they would be fun (and of course, the crackers just happened to co-ordinate with the 'springy' theme).
 We drilled holes in the tops of Mason jars and used them drinking glasses. I used the Pink Paislee Chalkboard Stickers for the decal. The original chalkboard stickers are decorative labels and wouldn't stick well on the embossed jars so I punched oval shapes to fit where the label should go and voila!

A big shout out to Miss Sharon and Miss Lorrie for helping decorate the day before the party. The ladies thought they were visiting for a coffee and breakie but I put them to work pretty quick. When Miss Sharon was done playing with my ribbon and figuring out if she could use the ribbon as a necklace :),  she helped with the tedious task of stringing the banners! Thanks gals!

Now that the party is over, I am determined to finish the window coverings for the kitchen. It's been 5 years we have lived in this house and think it's just about time for the end of the procrastination and getting on that task! 
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  1. What a great idea. Perfect excuse for a fun gathering! Looking forward tot he curtain post. (No pressure there :-) )

  2. You are the MOMMY with the MOST AWESOME IDEAS ever....your kids must have a BLAST!

  3. What an awesome momma you are!! Loved all the decos!

  4. dude - this post BLEW ME AWAY! i'm glad i know who to call when it's time to plan our turkey's spring birthday parties!!!

  5. What a beautiful party you put on!! I love all your decorations!



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