Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A wonderful visit to The Milkhouse!

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday in Prescott! My dear friend Miss Sharon discovered The Milkhouse via an ad in Kijiji. Sharon advised I had to see this and visit. She was so right!  The owner of this amazing shoppe, Jennifer Pearson Vanier, is an incredibly talented altered and mixed media artist. She has owned this shoppe for a number of years now but being that she is moving, unfortunately, she can't move the Shoppe or most of its contents. Sharon and I visited to help her out with the moving load, well at least, reducing the contents of the move :) 
Funny how when you 'click' right away with certain people, especially if you already have a common interest such as collecting vintage treasures and creating art with them. Within about 5 minutes of meeting Jennifer, I felt as though I had known her forever. I think part of it has to do with the fact we have both owned 'shoppes' which we had to close for reasons other than lack of interest. Another reason I knew I would be great friends is because she also had the ability to create an immediate friendship with my kidlets. She didn't follow them around the Shoppe wondering if they would break anything but actually kept looking for treasures the kidlets were interested in. Thus, an immediate bond between the kidlets and Jennifer was formed right away!
Everywhere you looked, there were more and more fabulous treasures. Every two minutes the kids would approach me with some fascinating vintage goodness.
Funny 'cause even though it was freezing cold in the Milkhouse, the cold didn't bother me a bit! We did though take turns resting over the heater. It may appear that Sharon and Rylee are oogling some treasure but really, it was their turn to warm themselves over the heater.
All in all, it was a fabulous day filled with new friends and new treasures. Sharon and I learned the story behind the 'Frozen Charlotte' dolls, the little porcelain dolls missing pieces here and there. This is apparently the story behind the 'Frozen Charlotte' dolls:

"It was New Years Eve and it was very cold outside.  Charlotte was waiting in her new dress for her boyfriend, Charles, to take her to the village inn for a New Year’s Eve party.   Finally, Charles’ sleigh came.  Her mother asked her to put a blanket around her so she wouldn’t be too cold.  But Charlotte did not want to crinkle her dress, so she did not take the blanket.  The village inn was 15 miles away.  They had gone five miles when Charlotte said she was cold.  Charles made the horses run faster.  Five more miles they rode when Charlotte said she was getting warmer.  Finally, the village inn was in sight.  Charles jumped out and called her many times.  Charlotte did not move or say a word because she was frozen. Then he came over to her and felt her hands.  They were very cold.  He now knew that Charlotte had frozen to death.  He rode Charlotte back to her cottage.  Her parents were very sad.  Charles was very upset, too.  He died of a broken heart."

Thank you Miss Sharon for introducing us to Jennifer and to her fabulous Shoppe and thank you Miss Jennifer, for everything!


  1. OMG - why haven't i clued in sooner...i sat beside Sharon once at a Vicki Boutin event and have been to others with her (in Smith Falls)...SHE ROCKS! I bet you kids had a blast...

    p.s. those dolls are FREAKING me out - if i have nightmares tonight i'm calling YOU!

  2. It was a total blast meeting you and your family. Thank you for your generous words. Looking forward to spending some time together again.

  3. WOW - looks amazing!!!!! I will need to get there for sure! Need to see when she is open! Will send her an email! Thanks for posting this! Hope you are having a good week!

  4. It was so much fun! It should be a do-over!

  5. This looks like too much fun!!!



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