Sunday, March 20, 2011

Handmade business cards

Enchanted by anything and everything handmade, I loved the idea of creating handmade business cards. I had seen so many versions on blogs and business sites and really thought they would be fun to create. Inspired by the following.... 
Creative Mines

Attempted Style

Christine Chitnis

The Craft Begins
 ....I ordered the rubber stamps from Marchant Rubber Stamps and Paper Memories located in  Kingston, Ontario. Within a day, the owner of the store advised the stamps were ready. How sweet is that!  Using what I had in terms of supplies, I created these cards...

and these ones...

and these.

Thanks to Miss Katie, the phone numbers are not showing for purposes of the 'world wide web' but the 'real' cards also have phone numbers. I tried for about three days to follow Miss Katie's instructions on how to blur parts of an image via Photoshop and finally gave up and sent the images to Katie to fix. So now I do have edited images but still lack the knowledge of how to do that myself :).  So if you're thinking of creating your own business cards, Marchant is definitely the place to contact for the rubber stamps and the rest is simply up to creative you!
Thanks for stoppin' by.


  1. Beautiful Rosa, like ATC's :)

  2. Amazing job Rosa! I love Marchant as well, never thought of getting a rubber stamp made though, great idea! I may give her a call. Thanks for the inspiration.




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