Saturday, March 5, 2011


 Oh, Hello Friend: You Are Loved is hosting a really cool swap. Taken directly from her blog, the swap involves:

"Details: You will be paired with 1 swap partner and each of you will share what sort of things you collect. Then you'll buy an item from your partner's list and send it to them! So everyone will have added a new item to their collection by the end of this trade!"

I thought this was such a great idea but got me thinking that although I have quite a bit in the line of vintage treasures, I really don't 'collect' any specific item (yet). The idea behind the mantle/shelf we added to the old door we turned into a headboard was so that I could display vintage clocks but being that I only have one lonely clock on the mantle, I can't really call it a collection. I did, for a while, think I was collecting old, vintage scales but stopped after finding three.

So Oh, Hello Friend's swap got me thinking if I were to start a collection, what would I collect? Haven't figured it out yet but will definitely share when I do! In the meantime, do you have any collections? If so, please do share with us.  Leave a comment or better yet, if you have already featured your collection in your blog, share the link!
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. Pleased to meet you! I come by way of Sharon. What do I collect? What do I NOT collect. Drop by my blog and check it out, under "collections" on the side bar.

  2. Coming to my blog soon the Mini Series...
    "The Collections"
    Lovely photos of your collection Rosa!!
    I'll bet you have milinery and fabric collection...just sayin...better dish LOL



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