Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Gifts for Teachers

 I had big plans to make Valentine treats for the kids to give to their friends but in the middle of making the teachers valentine treats, my head got wrapped around another project so I kind of rushed through finishing this project so I could start another project. For the teachers, I used Fancy Pants 'Vintage Valentine' collection for the chocolate bar wrapper, a simple label, some punched leaves and a Prima blossom. Easy peasy and super duper quick!

 My dear son has been interested lately in writing his own words and it so amuses me to read what he writes. The other day, he was creating notes in his ITouch and showed me the note.
Betcha he will be more than embarrassed when he is older and figures out what he wrote but until then, notes like this one make my heart sing.
Hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day and thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. OMG Rosa ... those wrappers are gorgeous! Love the message form your boy! My girls leave notes around all the time for me to find ... once you get my art journal you will see my youngest Angelina did a page! LOL HAPPY SUNDAY!

    R :)

  2. Gorgeous wrappers Rosa! They're beautiful! Aren't those note precious! I put a couple in the journal I started. Gotta scrap that one!



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