Monday, February 7, 2011

Banister Decor

Funny how we get inspired by the strangest things sometimes, well at least I do!  My dear daughter placed her purse on the banister one day and any other given time, I would have asked her to put her 'things' away where they belong. But, once I saw her knitted bag dangling from from the banister post, I decided it actually didn't look too bad and hmm, maybe I should make a little bag to co-ordinate with the rooms. Until this time, I never really gave the banisters much thought but it wouldn't hurt to dress them up a bit too!
I knew right away what the banister decor bag would look like or at least similar to. I have always loved this beautiful, ruffled bag.
The image of the bag and truck is actually the blog header for this fabulously inspiring Faded Plains blog and I drool everytime I pop on her blogSo, having two sources of inspiration, this is what I came up with for my banister decor.

It's a bit 'pristine' and perhaps a bit 'too clean' for my tastes these days though. Thinking the ruffled bag needs a good bath in tea water to give it a good dose of tea staining :) but will let it rest there for a few days and then decide.
Thanks so much for stoppin' by!


  1. Too funny my Mom aka MARMIE made us girls each a ruffle bag last year..and you know where I kept them? The Bannister...I loved how they looked there.
    Your bag is beautiful, you are so very talented Rosa.

  2. Gorgeous Rosa! Love seeing your creations. So happy for you that you have more time to created and play these days :)



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