Friday, January 7, 2011

Gabry Road Update

Yes, I know. I posted Gabry Road would launch a long long long long time ago and well, it hasn't yet but please do not be discouraged as we are currently working round the clock. We did though take a break during the holidays but are back at it at full speed!  Prior to the holidays, it seemed we were able to take two steps forward only to have to take one step back but it now appears the greatest issues have been resolved.  In the meantime, I dressed up a bird cage I have had around for years in anticipation of the launch of Gabry Road .

Originally, when I found this cool flour sack at a flea market, I had intentions of seperating the front and back (which are identical) and using the panels as apron fronts.  I had a change of heart when I decided I didn't want to destroy the original version so I used the sack as a cushion cover. Again, to preserve the original sack, I hand-basted the flap down and the buttons were sewn on the top part of the flap only and without button holes.
I have a few more projects to share but seemed that either blogger wasn't co-operating or my horrible photo-taking skills were working against me, or rather, with me.  If you haven't figured it out yet (althought it is quite obvious) I am not able to take great pics of my projects. I took 'becoming a great photographer' off my bucket list a long time ago but just wish that I could take a photo that somewhat resembles what I see in the lens!
Thanks so much for stoppin' by!


  1. love your projects, as always.
    Good to read that Gabry Road is coming along :-)

  2. Love the cage with the string across it. I miss you terribly Rosa! I am cropping at home today if you want to drop by you are more than welcomed.

    Susan P

  3. awesome work again Rosa! I can feel your anticipation of your launch.. real soon! As for taking good photos, I hear ya... what I've been doing is taking pics with daylight and using almost every feature on the camera, then picking the best out of all of them.. that's the fun of digital, never goes to waste.



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