Saturday, January 22, 2011

Found: Vintage Sewing Box

 Oh how I miss flea market shopping.  In the winters, I resort to consignment stores to find cool treasures. I haunt the same consignment stores weekly, sometimes daily. I had been eyeing this sewing box for about a week and finally took the plunge and bought it! Perfect condition, even the inlaid leather doesn't have any rips or tears, a few wear marks but that is all. I always have a 'quilt on the go' in a basket but really wanted something else to keep store my quilt on the go (I have been working on my current quilt for 5 years..yikes!)

90% of the furniture in my house is painted. Chances are real good this piece will be painted but again, have to wait until it's warmer out and then the garage becomes a paint shop :)
While taking the pics of the sewing box, I glanced at the backyard and felt sad for these two lonely chairs. They seem to be waiting for the snow to melt and the tarp to be taken off the pool.  
Guess we still have a few more months to go ...especially considering the temp here today:


After my last post on slipcovering furniture, a few friends asked if I made slipcovers for others. And yes, I do! If you live in the area and  have a chair which you'd like a slipcover for, please do contact me. Only stipulation is the piece of furniture has to be small enough to be brought to my home as we don't have a ton of space to place it while the piece is being worked on.
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. cool, this is a great little find Rosa. Can't wait to see what you do with it in the spring ;-)

  2. Wow Rosa you really do find the neatest pieces! Always love to look at your flea market purchases. It's beautiful!




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