Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally slipcovered...

This chair was a garage sale find which from what I remember, set me back about $12.00.  I loved the weight of the petit slipper chair and that it wasn't too large. I purchased it knowing I would one day make a slipcover and over the holidays, I finally did. 
 Thing is, when you make a slipcover, you generally make the pattern first out of a light and inexpensive fabric such as muslin. So the pattern began in muslin but then I decided I liked the weight of the fabric, especially for the ruffles so instead, I created the entire slipcover from muslin but doubled up the fabric for the seat and back area. In terms of  'number of rubs' which is indicative of the strength of the fabric, this slipcover won't last long but it was beginning to look so pretty I couldn't stop and transfer the pattern to a heavier weight fabric.

This is one of the first slipcovers I created many years ago. 

So with camera in hand, I walked through the house and realized that throughout the years, I have made quite a number of covers.  The dining room chairs were done about five years ago when I decided to paint the table 'moulin rouge'.

This sofa earned a cover last summer.

 The footstool was another garage sale find and the cover changes often because they are so easy peasy to make. This is the current cover.
What's sad about the two chairs I created slipcovers for with the tie backs is both, due to the size of the house (which isn't small but isn't huge either), have to rest in corners so you can't see the backs unless I pull the chair out to show the back :). Try as I might, I have tried pushing the walls out about 6 inches here and 9 inches there with my hips but it never works! We are officially out of room for more furniture which is horrible for me because I continue to stalk consignment stores and flea markets only to walk away with little bits 'cause there isn't any more room in the house for furniture. Granted it took us almost 7 years to reach this point but we are here now and  it is what it is.

Oh, I have a question for you!
The Gabry Road Blog was originally initiated to feature the artists, designers, events, etc. from Gabry Road, the actual online marketplace.  I figured I would get the blog running before the launch of the marketplace.  With the launch fast approaching, I have to decide what approach to take with this current existing blog.
Do I mix personal stuff with Gabry Road, the marketplace kind of like a cross-over or hybrid blog?
Do I create a seperate personal blog and keep the Gabry Road Blog just for Gabry Road updates, etc. ?
Would love to have your input and thoughts!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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  1. Man, you need to come and re-do my furniture.You did a great job!

    As far as the blogs.......I think I'd keep them seperate,but that's just me.Maybe less confusion,but more work for you.

  2. As furnishing your house, I have the same problem! A 5 bedroom house with the 2 of us and it's fully furnished.. and I keep buying new and old, and I think I have to stop now :( I told hubby the other day, I wish I could start from scratch...there are a few pieces I would like to get rid of however..hmmm

    For your blog, I would say, it all depends on how much personal info you divulge. If it's just the things you do, accomplish, then no probs in having just the one. But if you put family related info, then I would be a little skeptical. Espeically since I know your online marketplace is going to be huge, world wide in no time. So unless you want strangers knowing your business... but if you limit it, then you're good to go.

    Awesome covers girl !!

  3. Thanks Johanne and Julie! Yes, Johanne, what I meant by 'personal' would be just my personal accomplishments and handmade creations, not personal in the sense of family life.

  4. Gorgeous work Rosa, you make me want to dust off my sewing machine....Of course I would have to clear the kitchen table of scrappy goodies first..LOL maybe next week.

  5. gorgeous slips! so easy to change your furniture! love them!

  6. I sure wish I had sewing skills half as good as yours - beautiful work, Rosa! As for the blog(s), I'd keep them separate to keep things simple. What can I say, I'm just a simple gal. :-)

  7. You're so talented! Love all your artistic creations! For your blog, I would have just the one blog... it might be too much work to maintain both (Although I'm pretty new to blogging so I'm not sure how much effort 2 blogs would be for a seasoned blogger like yourself!) If you have a lot of readers for your personal blog though, I would keep them separate (since you've already got a relationship with them).

  8. You just need bigger hips to push the walls back LOL :)



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