Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have a confession...

to make. I do not keep all the 'art work' my kid's make. In fact, I keep very little of it. Of course, I keep the Mother's Day and Valentine Day gifts the kids make at school but not much more. And not because I am mean and ungrateful. My kid's have always been surrounded by crafting goodness and could create 'art' daily. I am not a hoarder and it's difficult to figure out where to store every drawing or everything they create. However, I have a way of keeping their progression in artwork. When my daughter was three years old, I altered a dollar store journal book. Shortly after my son was born, I created a similar book for him.

Every few months, I have my daughter and son draw or write in this journal and then I use a date stamp (also from the dollar store) to mark the date the drawing or composition was created.

So you see, I am not so heartless! I do love to see the progression my kidlets make in their artwork and their printing but being a control freak (another confession!), I like to keep it all in the same place. I keep these journals hidden until it's time for a new entry so there isn't a risk of the kids using it for their everyday 'work'. And another plus, it was so very cheap to create but one day, will be priceless to my daughter and son when they show the journals to their own children.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and thanks so much for stoppin' by!


  1. Well, that is a TERRIFIC way to keep their progress recorded. You are so clever Rosa!!

  2. I agree, it's a FABULOUS idea and definitely would eliminate the guilt a mother feels over throwing some of their lovely artwork away. Too bad I didn't know about this idea when my boys were younger! :-(

  3. i sooooooooo love this idea... what a great gift for them when they get older!!!



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