Friday, July 23, 2010

New Aprons

I love canvas. Anything canvas really. Love the texture and love the versatility. I really wanted to create an apron using canvas but all the canvas I had on hand was pretty stiff, even after a good washing. So I found some plain ol' white broadcloth in my stash and tea-dyed it to make it look more vintage and more like a natural canvas. I also really wanted big, deep and wide pockets as I never know what will actually end up in the pockets. And for me, exposed seams was a tough one. I generally like finished, hemmed seams and finishing but wanted to try an apron with all exposed seams. I stay-stitched every single piece and sure enough, each apron has gone thru the wash a few times without excessive fraying!

Really loved the way this apron turned out but of course, practically took over and after jabbing myself in the gut a few times with the phone and other tools I was carrying in the pockets, I decided I needed an apron which housed pockets in the rear, literally!

I love the way this one turned out and with the pockets again being deep and wide, I only have to worry about what I end up sitting on as opposed to creating gut punches with phones and tools! This one ended up being a wrap-around style. Still sitting on the fence regarding whether I like the traditional over-your-head style apron or the wrap. Will let you know after I play with each for a while.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations Rosa! I was sorry to see the PP close - but happy to hear it was because you were on to bigger and better things. I'm happy that you were able to pass the PP on, and I'm sure Jacintha will take it and run with it. Love the photos (oh my god I love your coffee table!!) and I can't wait to see more of your aprons.


  2. Rosa, Your aprons are the BOMB!!!!
    Pockets in the derrier-Genius I say
    You know I use to sew before the paper addiction took hold.......HHHmmmm



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