Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

I've been hiding...

behind my sewing machines! Between creating custom patio cushions and creating for my boutique on Gabry Road, it seems I haven't surfaced much. All good though :)

 The utility/work aprons were created after receiving a request from a new customer who had seen utility type aprons elsewhere but wanted to purchase Canadian! She is purchasing the aprons for end of year teacher gifts! Of course I was excited, not so much because she asked me to create the aprons but that she had discovered Gabry Road! I sent her images of the aprons I had created and she let her boys choose the aprons for their teachers. I had so much fun working on these that I decided to create more but going to try some as a full apron instead of a half apron. Will let you know how that turns out.

Oh and I wanted to share my most favorite iPad app.

 The app is called Paper .You can use tools and different types pens and colors to draw, sketch and write. So instead of having to verbally describe and idea or design, you can draw it and send it via email. I played around with it, creating potential changes to the Gabry Road site and sent the drawing to the fabulous webdude. Far easier than trying to describe the changes or ideas verbally. Ingenious! 

Thanks for stoppin' by and hoping it's sunny wherever you are!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Playing with trim....

 In the midst of creating something entirely different from what I was working on, I had an urge to use some of the new Maya Road trim and to play with canvas, my all-time favorite textile. I used a ready-made tote and simple cut the sections in equal parts and then attached the trim.
 Had I simply sewn the trim on the right side of the tote, I wouldn't have needed to make a liner but being that I didn't want to see the stitching and hems on the inside, I created a model of the tote and used it as a liner.
 Then of course, some bling was calling to be added :)

And now you can make one too! All the trims used in the tote and more can be found in my boutique on Gabry Road !

Thanks for stoppin' by! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One hundred pieces of handmade goodness...

 With the addition of these new aprons...

...I now have 100 pieces of handmade goodness listed in my Flourishy boutique!!!

Yah! Ok, off to the studio to create another 100 pieces of handmade goodness!
Thanks for stoppin' by!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Rewind 2011' Album

 Ok, so it may have taken about a month to complete but it's done!

 For those who have seen my Washi Tape/Paper Tape collection...see!!!...I do use it! and not just collect :)

 I was so intent on completing this album so I could move onto other projects that Easter came and went without any decorating or special treats for the kids and their classmates.
 So intent on finishing the album I completely forgot to get the beautiful Pottery Barn Easter Baskets out of storage so the kids ended up using milk bags to store their stash of chocolate eggs and Easter treats. I felt awful about it but the kids didn't seem to notice the difference at all! Just goes to show that most times I make an effort to 'get something really cool' and the kids only care about the end result and not what it looks like getting there :)
Thanks for stoppin' by!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oops...forgot to 'blog about it' :)

 Prior to Spring Break, we did not have any plans to go anywhere, kind of planned a 'stay-cation'. Last minute, Blair was able to get the week off work so we scrambled to find a place to go. A good friend told us about Jay Peak Resort in Vermont and off we went! They just built an indoor waterpark called the Pump House and well, you know kids and water....

 Rylee had no interest whatsoever but Gabe tried the surfing and loved it!

 As a result of booking last minute, we were not able to have the same room for both nights but that was totally fine because we were able to have different views for our stay. From our first room, we had the view of the mountains and lifts...from our second room, we had the view of the waterpark.

 All in all, great fun and it was good to get away and get out of the cave for a bit, especially after what seemed like a long winter but in reality, was not that bad at all.
 The forgetting to 'blog about it' is all related to a really good thing. Gabry Road is picking up and more and more new vendors are joining the site the sell their fabulous handmade goods! It's been an amazing month of being able to feature such a diversity in handmade goodness. From body care products, mixed media art and jewelry to home decor, Gabry Road is growing each day!

And to top off the cake, Creative Scrappers is giving away a free Creating With Sketches e-book! Simply visit our Gabry Road FaceBook Fanpage, LIKE US,  and leave a comment and you could win a wonderful and totally inspiring e-book! How cool is that! 

The draw will held on Sunday, March 25 so hurry on over to Gabry Road on Facebook, LIKE US, and leave a comment! For more details, please visit the Gabry Road Blog

Thanks for stoppin' by and hoping it's sunny wherever you are :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

The switch...

 I didn't think I ever would, being a true fan of Blackberry but last week I did it! I said goodbye to my Blackberry and entered the world of Iphone. Other than getting used to the keyboard, I haven't any regrets to date. The desire to switch surfaced after I purchased an Ipad. I soooo loved the apps and features available on the Ipad and try as I might, I search related or similar apps for Blackberry but didn't find any similar enough.
Bear in mind I am new to Iphone and its applications but to date, here are my favorite apps.

 Instagram is a photo sharing social network allowing you to edit your images using preset editing functions. Like most social networks, Instagram allows followers and following but the best thing about Instagram in my opinion is everyone is always happy, no complaining, just sharing beautiful images!
 TweeGram let you write message on cute backgrounds and allows for sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more.
 Colorsplash is another fun photo app which lets you 'add' color only where you want color, using a swipe of your finger.
 Flipboard allows you to view all your social networks on one site and adds news, magazines and technology pages as well. You can customize the boards to show only your social networks and your favorite magazines, news sites, etc
 Epson IPrint is amazing! I can print photos directly from the phone or cables...just instant photos and fast too!
 PhotoBooth is just that. Lets you take quirky photos with the ability to share. 

TypoInsta lets you add script/words to your images and then allows for sharing on social networks.

I will be 'playing' and sharing more of fun finds for the Iphone soon! Most of you are pro's regarding the iphone but for newbies like me, it's too hard to resist sharing :)

And here is some more great news!  Gabry Road has been introduced to an amazing new number of vendors (Yippee!!!!) and stats are continuing to rise (Yeah!!!). Most of my time these days has been spent on Gabry Road or updating and adding to my Etsy boutique which, at the end of the day, is a real good thing!!

Thanks for stoppin' by and if you have any favourite apps you'd like to share please do leave a comment below. I would love to hear what your favourite apps are.


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